Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Visit to de Grummond ---Nov. 16, 2009

I was so intreged to hear that the de Grummond exibit was doing something new, and could not wait to hear and see what they were doing inside the exhibit. What I found was that the exibit was previewing on Monday for book previews. So that people could
I was so excited seeing the books on display that I did not have a specific book I wanted to choose with the audience. They looked really fun to read whenever I get the chance of reading the ones that I have choosen to read for the time I am out of school.

I think that they should have another book preview session in the future so that I can see more productions of new children books. I know that keeping me informed with knew books will help me better understand what is out there in the world. I am looking forward to the next exhibit.

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A-n-i-m-e L-o-v-er ~Bleach

A-n-i-m-e L-o-v-er ~Bleach
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