Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011 LIS 489

Time: 8:00 to 11:25----break----12:30 to 3:40

I signed in at Petal High School for the day. Said 'Good Morning' to the people I past. I first looked at who was coming to the library for a class session on the desktop computers and notebook laptops. There were three teachers who were bringing in their students to do activities. The students have to check out the laptops. So, that the librarian can find out who had it last. I took out the notebook laptops and placed them on the check-out counter for the class that was coming.

I turned my attention to the job that I had started on Tuesday. The process of processing the materials is to first enter the ISBN number, author, title, ISSN number, or LCCN number. Find the material and when that person finds the proper material. They will try to find the one that has more information that the others and can find out the amount of description by clicking 'Details' by the title. Then, click on 'Add Copies' which takes the person to a place to place more information like the bar code, the class cataloging number with the last name right after it, and the price of the book.

The price of the books can be found on the back cover or can be found on the internet. Putting the price into system will help the librarian or the librarian helper to charge the student or faculty member the cost of the material.

During the day, I also helped put the laptops into the laptop center. So they could be charged for the next class, but basically the laptops came in and out all day. I also helped explain to a volunteer how the library was set up and which books go where.

I signed out for the day and left.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 LIS 489

Time: 8:00 to 3:35 with a thirty minutes for lunch

I arrived at Petal High School to start my practicum. I signed in and headed to the library. Ms. Sue Sorensen is the librarian at the high school. She showed me around the library of where things are placed. Fiction and Reference books had a couple of rows. The class numbered books were and are against the walls.

She introduced me to the system that she and the whole school system used for the libraries and students. The cataloging system is called Destiny that can let students look for books and helps the librarians do their jobs. The librarian puts information in to the system of new materials that they have recieved from donors or what was bought.

During the day, she introduced me to the high school student aids that attend to the library like shelving books.

My main job for the day was putting some of the books that the library received from a donor into the system. This took most of the day, due to the searching for the proper class for the book to be in. I learned that the books that are on the shelves could help a librarian to catalog a new book by the similarities between a book material or other materials . An example would be that a materials is specific to a region, but that person could go to the shelf and get close to the class number.

To put the books into the system, I had to put in a bar code, price of the material, and put a class with the material or categorize it as fiction. I finished a fair amount of books this day and left at the time indicated at the top.