Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 24,2011 ----------- LIS489

Time: 8:00 am - 11:25 am
11:35am - 3:50 pm

Thursday, this day was full of teachers getting their students help in researching papers for the classes that they were in at that time. The students used laptops to look up information. Some of the students needed help to print off materials for their class. During the times when the classes came to the library and when they left. I found opportunities to find and print new title covers for the books that were either missing the entire title cover or the front is totally messed up. When finished with the pile of books, I started to put the books away that I had left from Tuesday. Plus, more books that had arrived from the time I left till the time I started putting them away and finished. During the hole day, I helped Ms. Sorensen do research for a teacher that was doing genres like 'visuals with words' and five more genres. The research was to look up information on websites and then record the websites that I though would be appropriate for the group project. The research was tough in finding bits of information. I gave 'it the old college try' in finding the websites.

The library had volunteers that came in who were subs for teachers that were not there. They helped straighten some selves in the fiction section because of the mess that the patrons leave. Their help was greatly appreciated by Ms. Sorensen.

I learned that research takes time and that we should try to plan ahead in researching topics for classes or projects.

March 22. 2011-----LIS 489

Time: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm (minus 30 min.)

Tuesday, the school started to begin to wind up again for the last part of the semester, the last nine weeks. So, there was not much to do except scan the shelves and while put books into their place. The 'shelf scanning' took a lot of time in the non-fiction section that I had assigned myself for the day to do. I started with 0xx and ended on 3xx. During that time I was also asked to find the printer that was color and which one was black and white for the students that needed to get their document printed.

After, I was done with the scanning of shelves. I found that more student patrons had turned in more books and decided to leave those for Thursday. Next, I placed more books into the system that Ms. Sorensen had given me to do for the day. I had asked her if there were any books to put into the system and she game me those books. During the processing of the books to the system, I helped who ever needed me when Ms. Sorensen was taking care of someone else.

I learned that some days will be slow, and that is a good point to assign yourself projects. For the reason of not being able to when you are busy with a lot of patrons. Slow days can be a prayer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break------LIS 489

The school is on Spring Break. Working on the 5000 words paper this week.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 10, 2011=====LIS489

Time: 8:00 am to 3:50 pm with a thirty minute lunch

Thursday, the students were taking tests on designated periods. So, in some periods the students could come into the library to do assignments on the desktops or laptops. For the most part of the day, I put books back on shelves; checked in equipment and books; checked out equipment plus books; and helped repair books.

Many books needed to be repair and I helped Ms. Sorensen repair the books that were in the box. She was able to go faster than me in fixing the books. For me, I wanted to be careful in to ruining the books that were under my care to mend. Some of the books that I was given to repair had spine covers coming off the spine of the book. I repaired the book with glue and then some tap to keep the spine covers on tightly.

I learned that being cautious of what you do can be rewarding in the end.

March 8, 2011------LIS 489

Time: 8:00 am to 3:35 pm with a thirty minute lunch break

Tuesday, the students at Petal High School were getting ready for exams on Thursday and Friday. Many of them had to write papers for their exams to give to their teachers. So, the students had to come in to the library to use the computers to write their research or project papers. For the most part, the students were looking for laptops and how to find the printer to print their assignments. The main job for me was to keep the laptops charged for the patrons who needed them.

I also put more books into the system that were piled up on the rolling cart that were needing to be put into the system. Most of the books that I had to catalog into the system because the 'Destiny' program did not recognize the title, ISBN number, or could not find the book by the author. There are two ways to enter the cataloging information. The cataloger can do it the easy way which includes entering the information in to the designated boxes or enter the material by the MARC tags. The choice is the cataloger's choice.

I learned that the easy way is not always the best way to put down the information for cataloging. Some times it is best to use the tags to place the information down onto the paper. Also, the system can help the cataloger find the Dewey Decimal number for placing certain books into certain catalogs like 'cookery' equals 641.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 4, 2011--------LIS 489

Time: 8:00 am to 11:30 am
12:45 pm to 3:40 pm

Thursday, I put away books that had been accumulating on the return shelf. The books were divided into non-fiction books and fiction books. The books were put away first in the fiction section for those who were fiction. For the non-fiction books, they were divided by the hundreds like 3xx or 5xx. Some times I would see books that were out of place but made a pile and finished with the ones that I started with. After I was done, I put the books that were out of place, into their place. Putting the books back took along time to place but I was done before I went for lunch.
When I returned from lunch, I started to repair books by finding the proper cover for the front covers of the three books that were given to me. I finished with the printing out of the front covers and waited for further instructions from Ms. Sorensen. I wanted to see how she put new front covers over the books. While I waited for her, I found that the shelf for shelving books had filled up again and started to put the books back in their place. I was stopped several times for students needing help with computer, book, and password information. A librarian job never sits still in a school library, do they?

I learned that there might be the same occurrence of jobs like shelving books either on the same day or in a weeks rotation.

March 1, 2011--------LIS 489

Time: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm with a 30 minute break

Tuesday was the day of mostly finishing up processing books that were put into the system. I also helped students find the printers, the patron's log in user name for the computers, check out books, and find books on different topics. A couple of the students needed help finding books on climate environments like deserts. I knew that a class recently brought back books on the topic of different environments, and they were on the return shelf. The books were found from the shelf and then chosen by the students on their specific environment. Some checked out books and some photo copied certain pages.

Part of the processing of the books entailed that the books' outside cover would be covered by plastic sheets to protect the paper outside cover to be torn. The job is tedious but I like completing a job that I started.

I learned that patrons is key, when helping a patron. The librarian would have to work with the paton in finding the right question to ask in order to find a material.