Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going to the Vicksburg Old Court House---Last Saturday

I have been to the court house a lot of times. I always enjoy the things on display. The court house was built in 1858. I learned that there were very important people that were speakers and hosted events. The people that spoke at the course house were Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Booker T. Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and William McKinley. The items that are in the court house is the first teddy bear that Teddy Roosevelt gave 0ut after the event in the woods with the hunting exposition.
My favorite was the building itself. I know that sounds weird but I like the antebellum era type structures. How the building was designed and how it seemed to be a sound structure. The other items that I liked about the museum court house is the antebellum clothing for children, women, and men. The way the clothing was designed must have been very uncomfortable to the women due to them not having short designed dresses, in length. I would visit as soon as time lets me to go back

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A-n-i-m-e L-o-v-er ~Bleach

A-n-i-m-e L-o-v-er ~Bleach
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