Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Library Blogs-----Nov. 9, 2010

Libraries are becoming more high tech with updating their patrons or helping their patrons to do projects in the different levels of society positions. An example of a library blog for librarians would be the Libraryman. For patrons, a website that they could look at is http://blogs.loc.gov/loc/ which updates patrons on new bits of information or could visit http://blog.eblib.com/?p=2373.

Blogs help update the patrons on news of events and lists like new books or meetings. The library could have several blogs for book groups to make comments after comments on the book that they are reading or have one for updates on news. The reason for keeping the library blog for patrons is to make sure the patrons are knowledgeable of the different things that are going on.

The library environment is changing course and librarians have to keep up with the different social networks to help their patrons. One of the advantages that librarians have with a blog is that the patrons can write back to them in the comment box. Second advantage is to not waste paper when it could be sent to through a blog or other social networks. One disadvantage of having a blog is that a patron could post a rude comment and the library would have to negotiate in removing the message left or have a written apology. Second disadvantage would be not knowing if the patrons received the information or not.

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A-n-i-m-e L-o-v-er ~Bleach
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