Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 24,2011 ----------- LIS489

Time: 8:00 am - 11:25 am
11:35am - 3:50 pm

Thursday, this day was full of teachers getting their students help in researching papers for the classes that they were in at that time. The students used laptops to look up information. Some of the students needed help to print off materials for their class. During the times when the classes came to the library and when they left. I found opportunities to find and print new title covers for the books that were either missing the entire title cover or the front is totally messed up. When finished with the pile of books, I started to put the books away that I had left from Tuesday. Plus, more books that had arrived from the time I left till the time I started putting them away and finished. During the hole day, I helped Ms. Sorensen do research for a teacher that was doing genres like 'visuals with words' and five more genres. The research was to look up information on websites and then record the websites that I though would be appropriate for the group project. The research was tough in finding bits of information. I gave 'it the old college try' in finding the websites.

The library had volunteers that came in who were subs for teachers that were not there. They helped straighten some selves in the fiction section because of the mess that the patrons leave. Their help was greatly appreciated by Ms. Sorensen.

I learned that research takes time and that we should try to plan ahead in researching topics for classes or projects.

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