Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb. 15, 2011-------LIS 489

Times: 8 - 3:30 with a 30 minutes break

Tuesday at the high school, they were taking a survey for the school to improve its self for the different sections of the school. The site that they used is

The students had to use the desktops and laptops during the second period plus the third period for them to be able to take the test with such high numbers of students. Technology can throw curve balls at a librarian with pressing wrong buttons on the keyboard or keypad. A librarian has to take a breath and take the technology problem with strides to fix the problem, as I am told by Ms. Sorensen.

For the other periods, I helped with checking in and out books, help students paying their fines, and start a list of bar codes for those books. Those books that have lost the spine label as well as the back cover label. Some students from other classes in the other periods forgot their passwords and user names, I helped them find them. I made copies for students that needed them. I put some of the books back on the shelves because there was so many to put back.

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